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BOBST Die Cutter: NOVACUT 106

BOBST die cutting machine NOVACUT 106 gives you the BOBST ability to die-cut all types of products and materials, but in one productive, ergonomic, beautifully styled and surprisingly affordable package. 

 BOBST die cutter | NOVACUT 106
BOBST die cutter | NOVACUT 106

See specification - BOBST die cutter machine price:

BOBST die cutter | NOVACUT 106

BOBST die cutter | NOVACUT 106

With the new NOVACUT 106 die cutting, start with an automatic die cutting process.

Human machine interface

BOBST die cutting | CUBE 3 panel touchscreen


This latest generation of CUBE, BOBST's operator-machine interface, features revolutionary 'Touch & Set' navigation which makes even the most complex settings completely intuitive, saving valuable time. 

Now with a bigger, full color, touch screen CUBE3 gives the operator complete control of the Autoplaten®, from setting and running a job, right through to detailed fault diagnosis.

Suitable for the following industries

Packaging - Folding carton
Packaging - Folding carton - BOBST

Label manufacture
Label manufacture - BOBST

 Commercial Print finishing
 Commercial Print finishing - BOBST

Main processed materials

Paper - BOBST

Carton board
Carton board - BOBST

Heavy solid board
Heavy solid board - BOBST

Semi-rigid plastics
Semi rigid plastics - BOBST

Corrugated board
Corrugated board - BOBST

BOBST stripping tool

BOBST stripping tool

BOBST waste stripping tool
BOBST waste stripping tool

Pisau Pond BOBST
Pisau Pond BOBST

 Specification BOBST NovaCut-106
specification BOBST NovaCut-106


Processed materials (1)

80 g/m2
Carton board
max 2000 g/m2
Corrugated board (2)
max 4 mm
Sheet size
min 350  x  400 mm

max 740  x  1060 mm

8000 s/h
Cutting force

2.6 MN
Cutting size
max 725  x  1060 mm
Embossing size
max 710  x  1060 mm
Gripper margin

9 to 17 mm
Height of cutting rules

23.8 mm
Pile height
max 1400 (1800) mm
Feeder, with Non-Stop
max 1100 (1500) mm
Delivery (3)
max 1100 (1500) mm
Dimensions & weight

5.80 m

4.20 m
Height (4)

2.70 m
Net weight

15 tons

(1) Depending on material properties
(2) Depending on material properties
(3) Heights with maximum machine elevation
(4) Base machine with standard podium


BOBST 102 2005

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